„Zeiss” Optics Center - Progressive lenses

Carl Zeiss  offers you many types (structure) of progressive lenses with varying degrees of technological advancement and therefore, different price level. 

Economic line progressive lenses allows you to enjoy the comfort of view, the basic defects of vision. 
Prestige Line lenses of the latest designs of optics, whose individual customer specific design enables accurate matching glasses to user preferences and lifestyle of the owner. All types of progressive lenses can be executed in a colorless, tinted or photochromic. They may also have reduced thickness by up to 70%. The use of the right type of anti-reflection filter makes it easy to operate in difficult lighting conditions. 

Because the design of progressive lenses is significantly different from ordinary monofocal to correct long or short view, one must be aware of the need to get used to the new progressive glasses. The adjustment period can be up to several weeks. 

The length of adaptation and usability of progressive glasses depends on several elements: 

* Quality lenses (newer and more individual design increases the functionality)

* Well-chosen frame (shape and arrangement of frames to optimize the choice of lenses)

* Accuracy (determining the functions is correct and mounting lenses in the frame)

* Precision of execution (a precise combination of all the elements in the new comfortable glasses)

We must also remember that the individual predisposition of a person having to wear glasses progressive influence the selection of the appropriate lens design and the length of the adaptation period. 

Satisfaction Guarantee with new glasses progressive:

It happens that in spite of all these factors taken into account when ordering glasses the user does not have the full comfort of use even after a period of adaptation. After analyzing all the factors which can be affected, we propose a new version of progressive lenses or free replacement of two pairs of monofocal lenses. The decision always belongs to the customer.









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