„Zeiss” Optics Center - Lenses

The lenses generally can be divided into the following categories:

  • according to the material they are made:

    • Mineral Lenses (traditional with the mineral quartz)
    • Lenses organic-plastic (polymethyl, polycarbonate or other plastics)

  • by design - the method of correcting different vision: myopia (myopii), hyperopia (hyperopii), astigmatism, astigmatism and presbyopia

    • Monofocal lenses (single power to distant or near vision)
    • Bifocal lenses (double power to distant and near vision)
    • Progressive lenses (smooth change of power to distant and near vision)

All types of lenses are offered in versions:



Finally, sports sunglasses without compromise.

We are happy to announce that we won new technological performance of spectacle lenses
monofocal and progressive for both short-sighted and hyperopic.

Now we will be able to perform for you, even the most complex sports eyewear
colorless and different versions staining in the same dimming.



See how you can see through the glass progressive ( to enlarge the pictures click on the thumbnail.)

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