„Zeiss” Optics Center - Eye problems

The symptoms most commonly reported by patients include. 

  • feeling the sand under the eyelids,
  • irritated and bloodshot eyes,
  • heavy pain,
  • photophobia, burning,
  • lacrimation,
  • discharge from the eye.

These symptoms may indicate diseases of the eye, but to verify their ailments need to consult a specialist.


Should be avoided to swim with contact lenses because of the possibility of bacterial infection of the eye. Wearing lenses in the pool may be the result of an eye infection, irritation or even lead to the risks associated with ulceration of the cornea.
Swimming in contact lenses can lead to eye infection, irritation, and therefore government institutions emphasize that while wearing contact lenses should not expose your eyes to direct contact with water, ie. Running water, swimming pool water, oceans, lakes, hot tub and showers.
Water may be the habitat of countless viruses and dangerous microorganisms. One of the most serious is Acanthamoeba – can affect a contact lens and cause infection or even inflammation of the cornea. The occurrence of Acanthamoeba Keratitis is often combined with wearing contact lenses while swimming and can cause permanent loss of vison or even require a cornea transplant to recover lost vision, if appropriate treatment is not started before.
Wearing goggles swimming / diving masks without proper compensation or the use of their contact lens enables users crisp, clear vision while swimming above water and under water, but when in direct contact with the water there is a real risk of eye irritation and an infection.
Hard (rigid) lenses gas permeable (RGP) lenses should never be worn close to the water as it likely becomes the risk of protrusion of the lens of the eye. In contrast, soft contact lenses are much more flexible and keep on eye during swimming, but their porous structure increases the potential for absorption of chemicals and bacteria, which significantly increases the risk of irritation and infection.
Fresh water and swimming pool water can cause stress soft contact lenses for the eye, raising the level of discomfort use, and of course water gets into the eye. Moreover, water flushed natural tears that moisturize the eyes, thus causing deterioration, which may lead to chronic dry eye.

Swimming goggles AQUAVIZ provide the most secure solution. With individual insert RX performed by our professionals Zeiss Optics, everyone has the opportunity to improve the quality of vision. Exactly as in prescription glasses, allowing to see clearly in water sports without risks arising from the combination of water and contact lenses.

Of course, some companies that produce glasses / mask to swim to offer products with ready powers, but they have significant drawbacks. Examples? There are no astigmatic correction; offer only within the most popular standard spherical power; inability solutions for different eyes (different powers for right and left eyes) what most people experience.
Besides the additional pluses resulting from the use of glasses AQUAVIZ is to protect the eyes from UV sunlight and real protection for solving the problem of dry eyes, which often joins in during prolonged stay in warm and windy conditions, eg. The ocean.


Watertight goggles for swimming / water sports with the possibility of glazing. The unique, patented luminaire can be mounted sports corrective inserts.
Comfortable, waterproof, made from hypoallergenic materials ensure perfect fit for any face shape. Cover with a protective seal suction and double silicone tape.
Modern design, front made of a single material - this is indisputable advantages housing. Thus, the user does not have problems with uncomfortable bridge and pressure, which in this case is evenly distributed on the face, thereby reducing the risk of problems with headaches and painful calluses.
Glass in Aquaviz prescription glasses block 100% of harmful UV rays and contains anti-fog coating.  

Follow the online vision test, which is based on:

- Automatic analysis of polls
- Test color vision
- Latent squint test
- Differentiation assay contrast


The test results do not necessarily coincide with reality and can not be regarded as a reliable source of information.
In order to accurately verify the defect of vision and a competent diagnosis welcome you to our optician.






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