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„Zeiss” Optics Center - Contact Lenses – guide

Who can wear contact lenses?
Theoretically, the vast majority of people in different age groups may carry one or more of many types of contact lenses. During the ophthalmic examination it turns out that the patient can wear contact lenses, what will be their kind and fashion wear.

How to buy contact lenses?

With a prescription for individually selected type of contact lenses you can buy them in specialized shops to ensure their quality.

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What are the types of contact lenses?

Soft contact lenses are divided into groups according to the time of use:

  • day
  • fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • three months
  • Annual

Then contact lenses can be divided by type of defect corrected:

  • Spherical (correcting myopia and hyperopia)
  • Toric (astigmatism)
  • Progressive (correcting presbyopia)

Many of these types of contact lenses is available in versions highlighting or changing the color of the iris.

How long you can wear contact lenses?

The length of wear depends on the type selected contact lens in use, the external environment in which contact lenses are worn, and many other factors guiding the specialist choosing the type of lenses.

Can you sleep in contact lenses?

You should not sleep in lenses exception can be customized contact lenses for extended wear. Remember that if you do not take off your lenses for the night is a must make period of wear shorter. A two-week lens wear for a week, monthly for two weeks and so on.

Can you do sports with contact lenses?

Usefulness of contact lenses particularly suited when a variety of sports. Pay attention to the need for additional eye protection while playing sports, eg. Water (swimming goggles, diving mask) or associated with rapid movement (cycling, motor sports, parachuting, skiing).

How to cultivate contact lenses?

For cleaning the recommended care systems are appropriate for the type of lenses. Most apply multiple fluids eliminating the need for the thermal disposal of the protein impurities. In special cases also apply multi-stage systems utilizing eg. Tablets enzymatic or other means. Contact lens. special containers should be used as often exchanged for new - clean.

What to do when contact lens bother you?

Some causes discomfort while wearing contact lenses, we can determine for yourself:

  • lenses damaged (cracked, broken)
  • dirty lens (eg foreign body. speck of ink, protein deposits)
  • contact lens founded the left side
  • exceeded the life of the lens

If you can not find any a / discomfort reasons can not continue to wear your contact lenses contact your specialist who will solve your problem.

Why badly do you see in your contact lenses?

Some causes of poor vision with contact lenses, we can determine for yourself:

  • make sure that you have properly set up the lens (right eye, left eye)
  • past life of lenses (loss of clarity)
  • dirty lens (loss of transparency, mechanical discomfort - hurting)

If you can not find any a / causes bad vision, it is necessary to visit to your specialist who will solve this problem.

How often do you check your eyes when you wear contact lenses?

Especially while wearing contact lenses must pay attention to the condition of the eye and control it at least every 12 months. The desire to change the type of lenses must be preceded by a re-examination of ophthalmic. In specific cases, an ophthalmologist may recommend a different schedule patient visits.


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