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„Zeiss” Optics Center - Contact lenses

Theoretically, the vast majority of people in different age groups may carry one or more of many types of contact lenses.

During the ophthalmic examination it turns out that the patient can wear contact lenses and what will be their kind and fashion wear.

With a prescription for individually selected type of contact lenses, you can buy them in specialized shops to ensure their quality.

Soft contact lenses are divided into groups according to the time of use:  film soczewki

  • Contact lenses one day   
  • contact lenses two weeks
  • Monthly contact lenses
  • contact lenses three months
  • contact lenses Annual

Then contact lenses can be divided by type of defect corrected:

  • Spherical lenses (correcting myopia and hyperopia)
  • toric contact lenses (astigmatism)
  • Progressive contact lenses (correcting presbyopia)

Many of these types of contact lenses is available in versions highlighting or changing the color of the iris.

Our customers recommend only the latest generation of lenses, providing the highest comfort while safest for users.
The biggest customer recognition and the highest grade of quality parameters among professionals enjoy the lenses with a group of UltraFlex and Acuvue.

Our special rebate program for the purchase of lenses at stores OPTYK-ZEISS and shipping systems and service for ophthalmic certainly meet your expectations ensuring competitive prices.

The basic principles that allow you to enjoy a trouble-free use of contact lenses are:

  • I wear lenses only when I do not feel discomfort (no irritation and inflammation of the eyes)
  • the shorter the period of lenses greater safety (daily disposable lenses are the safest)
  • I pause to wear lenses (cornea requires normal oxygenation and regeneration)
  • I control eye condition (should be under the care and control eye specialist once a year)

In every questionable situation should seek advice from a specialist.

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